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Сообщение  Admin в Чт Янв 03, 2019 11:26 am

Nuestro querido amigo Leontxo está calladito sobre el tema del holocausto en California - un asunto de gran importancia para el futuro del ajedrez. Parece que Leontxo otra vez se puso al lado de los dictadores sanguinarios de Wall Street y por enésima vez está encubriendo los crímenes de lesa humanidad.


A very impressive interview with Deborah Tavares, a widely known social activist and defender of human rights from California: the kippur-kapparos communist/fascist/likudnik/liberal mafia perpetrates new heinous crimes against humanity. Please, watch, study and share.

FIRES in California, Satanic Crimes of Extermination

28:30 Deborah Tavares: It’s diabolical what’s happened there and everyone needs to understand that we are under massive attack and I will tell you that the Climate Action and the Resilience Plans tell us and I read: “Hundreds of these plans throughout the Earth tell us that the rest of the United States is going to be subjected to fires too because of the increased temperatures”.

William Deagle: Amazing. Well, it’s not a “Future Shock” it’s a “Now Shock”, isn’t it?

35:30 Deborah Tavares: I would like to recommend a movie that everybody watch, something that I watched a number of years back, it’s called "The Road". And what that demonstrates are fires everywhere. And the Climate Action Plans and Resilient Plans that I’ve read because of the heating up and the use of microwaves and the intentional cooking of all of us everywhere. They are telling us there will be fires in every state even where fires were not typical aspect of what they faced. And this is what they’re saying. And if you watch “The Road” - it’s a very interesting illustration of fires burning everywhere...

37:30 I want to say that everything or almost everything we are talking about is just the result of human compromise. If you look at how these programs have been initiated here in the United States and other countries as well – it’s people in your local government agencies and every department that initiated Union policies of absolute, complete destruction.


Joder, tenemos al mismisimo Salov en el foro y no para de decir gilipolleces...

Menudo reptil.

todavia te quedaran historias o temas ajedrecisticos que a todos nos dejen alucinando...

Voy a contaros una bonita historia de ajedrez que ocurrió hace poco. A raíz de la publicación del mencionado video de Deborah Tavares en mi página Facebook tuve una muy entretenida discusión con un trukowsky alemán Dirk Bredemeier que me gustaría compartir con vosotros, estimados amigos, y también con Leontxo, como no.

Dirk Bredemeier
Why should i believe her?

Valery Salov
If you don't believe Deborah you should believe these two fire captains: 

Dirk Bredemeier
How can you tell that the two interviewed males are really "fire captains"? And if so, what did they investigate? The Video is a bunch of cutted scenes without any source given. How can you tell that it was not made by people who just want to make money with all that conspirancy stuff, like Alex Jones for example?!

I mean I could easily give you one or two hints about a conspirancy around the USSR-Championship in 1988 that sounds fine, but is complete rubbish: That year 1988 the K and K both were declared winners. But why 1988? Do you know the Nazi-Code "88"? It means the 8. letter of the alphabet, so it means H H. That is a short form for a Nazi-Greeting. So were K and K Nazis? Because probably they did in on purpose exactly in 1988 didn´t they?
See you soon.

Valery Salov
Happy New Year, Dirk! By your remarks and questions you reveal a very limited understanding of the socio-political realities. You ask me: "So were K and K Nazis?" - My answer is: THEY ARE NAZIS. Both of them believe in the existence of the so called "chosen jewish nation" and they do their utmost to maintain the same false and racist belief in other people. And this is the most dangerous and extreme form of Nazism by definition.

Dirk Bredemeier
So you really believe my joke that they fixed the championship in 88 because they used that Number as the Nazi Code for "heil Hitler" HH? And Do you think they are Nazis in the Sense of the german followers of Adolf Hitler Who despise the jews?
And what exactly Makes you believe that karpov believes in a "chosen jewish nation "? As far as i know He is an Atheist and communist.
And what Do K and K to to make other People share their "racist believe "? Can you give me an original Source to that where they speak or write about this believe?

Valery Salov
Once again my warmest greetings to you, dear Dirk, in the New Year 2019! As regards your affirmations and questions, please, let me clarify a few important points for you.
“HH” or “88” is a well known Nazi symbolism, you havn’t invented it.

Madrid mueve - Страница 11 DbIrQv3UMAUArtA

However, it has nothing to do with the USSR championship of 1988 because it was the babylonian year 5748 for the satanists KKK. So you should rather seek for “48” or “748” symbolism in relation to this championship, if there were any.

Are Kippur and Kapparos followers of Adolf Hitler “who despised the jews”? Both of them not only “despise the jews” but are very much afraid of them. Both of them are fake, counterfeit “jews” themselves – exactly like herr Hitler was and that means belonging to the synagogue of satan and being professional haters of the true historical Jews, nowadays non-existing anymore. They are all morbid haters of the extinct Jewish people and of the present day true Christians.

Obviously you are not acquainted with my humble scientific research whereby I have demonstrated the origins of the political monicker/pseudonym “Hitler” – which has a lot to do with kabbalah and chess.

Madrid mueve - Страница 11 Ks1fw

Perhaps you also ignore the fact that Adolf Hitler was a passionate chessplayer himself, the same as his famous lawyer Obergruppenführer SS Hans Frank - Gauleiter of the occupied Poland, Nazi criminal and a close personal buddy of both Alekhin-Elokhim and Efim B-golyubov.

The worldviews of Kirsan, Kippur, Kapparos and Hitler are practically identical in their slightest and finest ramifications. It’s even surprising how (apparently) adult human beings can be so much alike, thoughtless, supine and easily malleable to accept the same absurd propaganda and messianic dogmata.

Kippur, Kapparos and Hitler are/were financed by the same Wall Street of New York/City of London bankers. They were the devouted disciples of the same guru – Menachem Mendel Schneerson.

Madrid mueve - Страница 11 SqYhx

So, as hopefully you can now see, we are talking about political Siamese twins inseparable one (“Hitler”) from the others (Kirsan, Kippur and Kapparos). This is why, when “perestroika” came, the last three (KKK) had so easily changed their “ideological views” from communo-fascism to fascio-communism.

Are Aaron Evgenyevich Kippur (“Karpov”), Gary Kimovich Kapparos (“Kasparov”) and Kirsan Illuminated (“Illyumzhinov”) atheists and communists? Sure they are and even more than that. All of them were members of the USSR Communist Party, members of the communist nomenclature of the USSR and all of them preserved their privileged position in the present fascio-communist “RF” (the so-called “Russia”). And in real life that means being more than “atheists and communists”, that means being babylonian satanists and adepts of the Babylonian Talmud. In practice that means being vehement Nazis and ultra-fascists, i.e., firm believers in the racist babylonian dogma of the “chosen jewish nation”.

Madrid mueve - Страница 11 Hitler_talmud

You ask me: “what Do K and K to make other People share their "racist believe "?” They spread their racist and ultra-fascist views by all means available, they spread talmudic propaganda in almost any of their public appearances, in every interview, speech or smiling session. And they spread their racist views not only verbally but by their practical deeds as well.

You can take any political quote of KKK of your own choice and I will gladly and obligingly show to you how it is either a direct deception or misanthropic talmudic racist propaganda (or both at the same time) from this unholy threesome.

But let me suggest that you first study a few artices of mine dedicated to debunking the “Hitler” myth that are published on the WPC forum “Shekina”:


La segunda entrega de mi agradable charla navideña con el trukowsky alemán.


Dirk Bredemeier
Dear Valery. I do Not speak russian so i cannot use the link. I am afraid i dont see any point in your explanations or do not understand a word. It seems like an absurd theory to me that has nothing in commen with facts. Just one question: why did i Personally never saw any "racist believe" by one of the k karpov or kasparov? You wrote they try to convince other people. I never read Anything from them. And both could Talk to westeners like me in English. Do you got any quote From them concerning their "racism "? 

Madrid mueve - Страница 11 Image114

Valery Salov
I see, dear Dirk, – obviously, you have a very limited knowledge and discernment, inclined to a very distorted perception of reality and perhaps do not possess a very high aptitude for learning. Therefore it was only too easy for you falling victim to talmudic propaganda. But let me ask you something: are you at least aware of the fact that Kirsan Illuminated was a Communist Party member, that Aaron Kippur (“Karpov”) was a Communist Party member and Gary Kapparos (“Kasparov”) was a Communist Party member? In other words, are you aware of the fact that they are all members of the same political party, believers in one and the same set of dogmata, adherents to the identic messianic doctrine? Or this is also a big news for you? It doesn’t make sense to discuss more abstract and complicated topics with you unless you are aware of the basic facts.

Madrid mueve - Страница 11 Image010
Heydar Aliyev and Leonid Brezhnev: launching together cabbalistic Kippur-Kapparos project

Dirk Bredemeier
Dear Valery, yes i knew that Karpov, Kasparov and Kirsan Illumshinow were members of the Communist Party in the USSR. Not a big deal and not a big news. In 1987 the Party had 19 Million members, according to Wikepedia. Kasparov was head of some youth organisation (Konsomolz?). Every important politician or even sportsman at the top had to be a member of the party to travel abroad and so on. It does not prove anything of your thesis: In the party there were many fractions like stalinists, liberals, state-monopolists and so on. 

Besides, you are not answering my questions but stick to your own "big knowledge" and try to tell me that it is no use to explain any concrete facts to me. Not very convincing.

In your qoute above - "You can take any political quote of KKK of your own choice and I will gladly and obligingly show to you how it is either a direct deception or misanthropic talmudic racist propaganda (or both at the same time) from this unholy threesome." - you revealed that you believe in an ideology that can explain everything. You state that you are kind of "enlighted" and have a superior knowledge. With that attitude towards the world a discussion is pointless, indeed.

I could give you some quotes from Karpov from 1995 (interview at the "Dortmunder Schachtage" 1995) talking very badly about Kasparov, to put your above given quote to the test. But i am afraid it does not make sense.

To your jugdement, i may "not possess a very high aptitude for learning": I got a high degree in law studies in Germany. I also made some progress in my amateur chess knowledge. You may google as you like.

Hope you are doing well.

Valery Salov
I’m sorry to say this, dear Dirk, but obviosly you understand next to nothing about the political system of the USSR. This is not surprising however as you have no direct experience of living there and can’t even read Russian which means that you lack first-hand information about the country and her history.

It’s sheer nonsense what you are saying: “even sportsman at the top had to be a member of the party to travel abroad and so on”. Suffice it to say that Kapparos was the ONLY player of his generation to enroll in the Communist Party. Everyone was shocked by his opportunism and lack of integrity. And he was by far the most privileged young player of the generation, the most favored by the Komsomol (member of the Central Committee of Azerbaijani branch), by the Party and the KGB (protégé of Heydar Aliyev) since most tender age.

Madrid mueve - Страница 11 Image011
Baku 1978, Talmudic G-dfathers of Kirsan, Kippur and Kapparos: K. Chernenko, L. Brezhnev, H.Aliyev

And, please, take note that the Communist Party was increasingly unpopular in those years, so it's difficult to fathom the depths of ignominy that could push a young, highly favored by the KGB, lavishly financed, freely traveling abroad 20-year old grandmaster to enter by his own will this den of messianic talmudic vipers.  This fact in itself reveals a degree of moral decay far beyond average.

Madrid mueve - Страница 11 Image012
Heydar Aliyev (G. Kapparos' G-dfather) and mass murderer Henry Kissinger (R. Fischer's G-dfather)

The same is true in regard to Kirsan and Kippur. So once again I have to repeat for you: this unholy threesome KKK belongs to the same masonic kin as Adolf Hitler. Bankrolled (as NSDAP and the Communist patsies in general) by the same filthy TPTB of the Wall Street. Truly contemptible in all respects.

Madrid mueve - Страница 11 Image013

So, let's see, my dear friend: you possess a very limited knowledge of chess, you ignore completely the nature of communism, lack understanding of modern history..., you must have also completely misapprehended the racist character of the Babylonian Talmud?

Please, tell me that i'm mistaken on this point and you've got at least some inkling of the ultra-fascist, misanthropic character of the talmud. You, "German lawyers", must have an intuitive grasp and natural inclination for fascism, don't you?

Do you understand that the Babylonian Gemarah is vehemently racist and immoral – let's say about one thousand times more misanthropic and socially unacceptable than hitlerism?

Michael Hoffman - Adolf Hitler & The Babylonian Talmud

Dirk Bredemeier
Dear Valery, i am sorry to say that but you get unfriendly and insulting. You do not answer my questions and do not give any facts. Instead you stick to your great conspirancy story. This is pointless.
Valery Salov
I’m very sorry again, dear Dirk, but you’ve got no reason to get offended. It is you who started this conversation in a highly arrogant tone and besides muttering some absurd conspiracy theories – suggesting that Deborah Tavares, Alex Jones, two fire captains and in fact all the rest of the California holocaust survivors have conspired against you to make you believe that California is being burnt down in perfect accordance with the bolshevik (baal-shem-ik) talmudic Agenda-21 program of "sustainable development". Which is a bare and obvious fact for any intelligent observer. You have to blame yourself for the response you’ve got. You should be more polite and less conspiracy-biased next time.


Oye que pasa, hacemos una clase magistral???
Contestame a eso.

Vale, mi querido Trukowsky, estaría encantado de darte una clase de ajedrez, y además completamente gratuita. Incluso lo consideraría como un honor para mí. Sin embargo para conseguirlo deberías cumplir con una sóla condición.

Debes probar que eres un ser humano y no un malvado y travieso reptil o abúlico, apático y estúpido borregomatrix. Y eso significa que demuestres que de algún modo estás contribuyendo a la lucha contra el perverso derecho kippur-kapparosiano, contra el nazismo talmúdico y el fascismo cabalístico.


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Сообщение  Admin в Пн Апр 13, 2020 9:47 am

Benedicto XVI
Todo parecer indicar que esta competición y probablemente el Covid no son más que una nueva judiada del macabro culto al Rebe 007.

Muy acertada afirmación, desde mi punto de vista, estimado Boruj XVI. Lo tengo explicado con todo lujo de detalles en mi foro "Shekina" y también en 

Me estoy refiriendo a la depresión, el suicidio, la locura, el alcoholismo y la drogadicción.

Permitidme ofrecer a vuestra grata atención, estimados colegas, un soberbio testimonio de una humilde y patriótica mujer norteamericana que hace eco de la citada declaración.

Mother Bear Speaks.. Rise Up Women, Rise Up and Be Heard!


If we have to push this till the end of the summer… so are all of us around the world, in our country, just supposed to lay down and die at the expense of a fucking virus that is not a pandemic by any means? If you don’t realize yet that you are being lied to about the numbers, about how you’re catching it, about all of this, you need to seriously research and research now. 

Because the complicity that is going on is really scary so basically what the whomever is in charge here all they have to say is: “you must stay in your house, you can’t do this, you can’t do that. All of your rights are taken away from you.”

And everybody is complicit, everybody is like: “Okay, what should we do next? Should we open our windows and jump out, so we don’t catch the virus, because we’ll do that!”

So, at what point do we say: “We need to fucking stand up together and take charge of this whole thing!”

Our lives are being ruined right before us and we’re all just complicit in an agreement to it. I don’t think I’ll ever see another event like this in my life. I can only hope that I don’t but the fact that we are all so complicit is very scary. 

The fact that people are so afraid to be near other human beings is… is… I don’t even actually have a word to describe that. You go into the food store and everybody is looking around each other and moving away from each other… so because our government tells us: “this bogeyman out there is going to get you if you got close to another human being” that we all go along with this. 

So then when our government also tells us that this bogeyman is gone then we can go back to our normal lives because we can sit next to other people, we could shake hands, we can hug… What kind of sheep shit is this that we are all allowing to happen?

I’m not saying people don’t get sick from this or are not getting sick from this – that’s not what I’m saying but I’m saying: where the fuck are all of you when people by the hundreds of thousands are dying per flu season? Do you walk out of your house with a mask wrapped around your face? Do you walk around your house, out of your house, fearing for your life? Does the government care about you then when you’re dying of a flu that comes around every single year? Do they care? No.

Do they care when millions of people annually die from cancer, heart disease, obesity? If they gave a shit half of those things that are in our food that are what’s making most of us sick, would it be allowed? They will be banned like in other countries. Half of the ingredients that are in our food, that are in our food supply, are banned in other countries. So if our government actually gave a shit to save lives it would start with the food that we eat every single day. Tell me that I’m wrong because I’m not.

If they gave a shit would you have all these crazy chemicals in “Roundup” (Monsanto herbicide highly carcinogenic in humans – VS)? How many people got cancer because of a “Roundup”. They’re being sued for this by the billions. How many people get sick from powder, baby powder “Johnson & Johnson”? They’ve been sued I don’t know how many times. All these things that are around us every single day – our soaps, our lotions, our skincare products, the clothing that we wear – everything that is surrounding us is making us sick and slowly poisoning us to death. So what makes you think that now all of a sudden they may care about a virus that kills one in every thousand people?

What makes you think that all of a sudden they care? And that this isn’t about something way bigger than a virus? Our whole economy is shot to shit right now. People are losing their businesses that they worked their entire lives for. And they’ll never recover from it. What is the solution to that?

So you’re gonna tell me that because… we don’t… we can’t even believe whatever the death toll is, we don’t even know. Because they’re lying to us and they’re falsifying death records, death certificates. So we don’t even know how many people are really dying from this but it does not warrant shutting down the entire world. So at what point do we say: “We’re not doing this anymore!” At what point?

When you watch your mother, your father, your sister, your cousin kill themselves because they can’t make ends meet anymore? At what point do we stand up and say: “This is fucking crazy, these numbers are not adding up, for all this to happen.” At what point does that happen?

… My own family members won’t go see other family members because of this. The amount of depression, the amount of suicide… the suicide is going to go up. What’s going to happen when there is a civil unrest, when people finally would say: “We’re not doing this shit anymore, we’re going back to our lives. We are not free right now in a country that is founded on our freedoms. And the fact that we are all just complying to everything that’s going on just goes to show the government like “we can do whatever the fuck we want and they’re nor even gonna to rebel.” 


Otra valiente mujer norteamericana - la bisnieta de Ike Eisenhower - se dirige a los sanguinarios jefes de Leontxo (y al propio Leontxo), reivindicando los derechos de los seres humanos.

Laura Eisenhower: " sois vampiros pero vuestro plan siniestro no va a funcionar"


Un señor francés muy sesudo (un pastor de ovejas) grabó un impresionante video sobre los borregomatrix ajedrezados que aplauden a cada barbaridad de las autoridades, a cada vacuna y cada píldora asesina que les prescriben los capos narcotraficantes y a cada timo de Kirsán, Kippur y Kapparós.

¿ Por qué nos han encerrado?

En efecto, la diferencia entre el comportamiento de las ovejas y el de los humanos... es que justamente no hay ninguna diferencia. Ese es el secreto, el secreto está aquí, no está en otro lugar.

Entonces, cuando queremos hacer pasar una ley impopular, que no es agradable, pues se hace mientras la población tiene miedo, por ejemplo, de la deuda, de crisis financiera, tempestades, olas de calor, terrorismo, crisis sanitaria, etc. A causa del coronavirus, en donde se juega con el miedo, hemos conseguido confinar no a miles de ovejas, sino miles de millones de humanos en todo el planeta, sobre toda la tierra.

Humanos confinados como animales, humanos deshumanizados (muchos de elllos están deshumanizados por los procedimientos específicos y rituales cabalísticos del “desarrollo de ajedrez”, por los artículos en “El País” de nuestro querido Leontxo – VS) y lo peor, lo más repugnante, lo más dramático es que los jefes rebeldes cierran la boca. Los grandes jefes también aceptan el confinamiento.

Entonces, la única salida de esta trampa maquiavélica, sería un despertar colectivo.  Yo personalmente no pierdo más el tiempo en dar explicaciones (a los borregomatrix). No sirve de nada, no sirve realmente para nada. Porque cuando explico la estrategia por la cual las ovejas son víctimas – o bien la oveja ya es consciente, por lo cual todas las explicaciones son realmente inútiles o, en otras ocasiones, me encuentro con una oveja gilipollas. Y si es una oveja gilipollas, no entenderá nada de lo que le diga porque justamente es una oveja gilipollas (estas son ovejas labiorojas, tontos de capirote o de caparote – VS).

La oveja gilipollas no tiene la culpa, es gilipollas, eso es todo, no es su culpa.


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